Briese Crewing

Briese Crewing

10 Lenina str., of.13
Sevastopol, 299011

Тел.: +7 499 703 02 09
тел: +7 869 241 77 00

4 Nechipurenko lane, of. 6
Odessa, Ukraine, 65045

Тел.: +38 048 71 007 55
Тел.: +38 048 70 57 888

Briese Crewing Company performs all spectrums of services connected with manning the crew members for the vessels of German ship-owners, Briese Schiffahrts GmbH - pls click web site:
Briese Crewing is a direct crewing partner in Ukraine of German shipping Company - Briese Schiffarts Gmbh & GO KG / Leer (operating of more than 80 vessels) and in charge of the recruitment, selection and planning of the Ukrainian crew for vessels which are in operation of Leda shipping ltd/Leer (crewing service of more than 120 vessels.)
Briese Crewing company was established in Sevastopol/Ukraine in December 2003 to provide Briese Schiffahrts GmbH with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crewing services which will support and encourage safe, efficient and low cost ship operation. We are located in Ukraine Sevastopol, as Sevastopol has always been one of the largest ports of Ukraine and educational center for Ukrainian seafarers in Crimea peninsular.